Negi Soba

Have you already tried soba (buckwheat noodles) in Japan?Soba is one of the most famous and main noodles of Japanese cuisine and there are various […]

Fujinomiya Yakisoba

In Fujinomiya City, Shizuoka Prefecture, there is a very famous B-grade gourmet called Fujinomiya Yakisoba. To revitalise the city, the name was newly named as […]


You might know that many Japanese cuisines are inspired by Chinese ones. “Jajamen” is one of the good examples of inspired by Chinese cuisine but […]

Wanko Soba: Compete with Yourself

“Hai, jan jan. Hai, don don.”What is that? Can you answer this question?If you can, I know you have visited Iwate at least once, right?This […]

Ohmi Chanpon

Ohmi Chanpon (or Ohmi Champon) is a noodle dish that is known as one of the regional gourmets originated in Ohmi area, Shiga prefecture in […]

Kawara Soba

Noodles on a roof tile, that is what you see on the first sight. Called Kawara Soba (true to how it is served), it has […]

Okinawa Soba

Are you a noodle freak? Then have you ever tried “Okinawa Soba,” which is the tastiest food in Okinawa prefecture? It is totally different from […]

Toyohashi Curry Udon

Basically, Curry Udon is the combination of Curry and Udon. You may know Curry and rice, and this is the Udon version. But do you […]

Morioka Reimen

Have you ever heard of the “Three Best Noodles”? Noodles are so popular in Iwate prefecture as a daily meal. What are the three best […]

Ise Udon

Ise Udon looks a little bit different from what you would usually think of when you hear of Udon. That is, while what is called […]

Hoto -A Dish for Noodle Lovers-

Japan is popular for its unique food culture. Particularly, this country is a paradise for noodle freaks. Ramen, udon and soba are well-known ones, and […]