Toyohashi Curry Udon

Basically, Curry Udon is the combination of Curry and Udon. You may know Curry and rice, and this is the Udon version. But do you know Toyohashi Curry Udon? Probably you have heard of Curry Udon before at least once, but Toyohashi variety of Curry Udon is a bit different.

Toyohashi, where Toyohashi Curry Udon came from, is a city which is one hour and a half drive away from central Nagoya. It is in the south-east coastal area of Aichi Prefecture located in the heart of Japan.

So, what makes Toyohashi Curry Udon distinctive from typical Curry Udon we see all over Japan then? Actually, you will not be able to distinguish from its appearance. That is, Toyohashi variety is different from its layer- it includes rice with Tororo (grated yum) inside, at the very bottom layer that makes it a surprising double flavoured dish! Here is how you would eat Toyohashi version. You eat it as you always do when eating normal Curry Udon, and enjoy the combination of curry and udon. After you almost finish udon, you will then find rice with Tororo layer, so you mix it with curry left. Grated yum also help to make the curry taste different and milder.

Now you understand Toyohashi Curry Udon is for “enjoy the curry twice in two different styles (curry & udon and curry & rice) so you don’t have to waste curry”. It was originally invented as a result of the fact that some amount of curry was quite often left uneaten after udon was finished. Therefore, rice, as well as grated yum, were added in the bottom of the bowl (underneath of the noodles) served so that people can enjoy curry more without leftover.

The most popular and famous restaurant you should definitely try for Toyohashi Curry Udon is called Segawa, located in Toyohashi. You can see how much they commit for people so they can fully enjoy this dish on ‘Five essential items for Toyohashi Curry Udon’. Those are:
1. Homemade udon noodles.
2. Rice, grated yum and Curry Udon are layered accordingly.
3. Local quail eggs.
4. Pickles (fukujinzuke).
5. A lot of love for Toyohashi Curry Udon.
Now there is no reason you don’t go for it, so just try it then you would totally fall in love this kind of unique Curry Udon!

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