As a part of Japanese culture, every prefecture has its own unique food to offer.

Unfortunately, a lot of them are not known to people. We aim to convey this lesser known information in English and raise awareness of the real food culture in Japan. This hopefully would be helpful information for visitors and also be beneficial to boost local tourism.

Our aim is to give shocks with “食=shoku” and provide valuable information and opportunities for everyone.

What is B-Grade Gourmet?

B-grade gourmet is affordable but delicious casual food. Known as “B-Kyu-Gurume” in Japanese, “kyu” means grade in English, and “gurume” comes from the word gourmet, which in this context, just means food. Although it is called “B-grade”, it does not necessarily mean cheap or poor quality. In addition to this, nowadays, the term also implies food that are unique to that local area.

Because of this new implication, it has developed into a great part of food culture in Japan and grew to attract tourists from different places including overseas.