Iso Ramen

I know that ramen and fresh seafood are the two biggest reasons to visit Japan for foodies, right? And do you have any idea where to try them? If not, let me give you the best advice to enjoy them at the same time!

This ideal food was invented and is loved in Iwate Prefecture. Some of you might know that seaside of Iwate is famous for its seafood because the environment of the ocean is very fertile and rich so that it is ideal to raise shellfish or seaweed, or of cause, variety of fish. This area is called “Sanriku” and deeply loved by seafood fans.

Yamada Bay

People in Sanriku enjoy seafood in plenty of ways of cause including Sashimi, Sushi, or Nabe, which is hot pot cooked with vegetables. Then, remarkably, they have invented the most fabulous food from them! Yes, that is, “Iso Ramen”.

“Iso” is a Japanese word meaning seashore. This ramen is called so because it is prepared and eaten only near the seashore. Why is it offered only near the seashore? The reason is simple. It would be too expensive in the inland area.

Iso Ramen is usually served with plenty of seasonal seafood, such as scallop, prawn, mussel, some sorts of seaweeds, and sometimes, even sea urchin, which is very expensive and tasty.
If you think about serving this ramen inland, it would be a very luxury dish even with your highest effort. Only near seashore people can get them cheaper because there are local networks between fishermen and owners of restaurants.

As you know its ingredients are very rich and enjoyable, but they are not the main part of it. I recommend you to remember that the most tasteful and important part of this ramen is the soup. Although each restaurant has its own recipe, the soup is also made from seafood and usually seasoned only with salt so that you can enjoy the depth and complex of the tastes from ingredients. Not only broth itself gives the taste and flavour onto the soup, but ingredients also enrich the soup after they combine together in the bowl.

You will definitely be impressed by the first sight of this innovative ramen which fully decorated with plenty of rich seafood from Sanriku ocean, and find very new ramen experience even if you have eaten almost most of the major ramens in Japan.

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