Muroran Curry Ramen

Why does a combination of tasty dishes become more delicious?
Japanese really like inventing new dishes. Although there are sometimes rubbish which are best avoided, many masterpieces are still being produced. “Muroran Curry Ramen” is such an awesome cuisine which is the fusion of Japanese beloved dishes, curry and ramen.

What is Muroran Curry Ramen?

Muroran curry ramen is served at restaurants around Muroran City in Hokkaido. They are authorised as Muroran curry ramen providers by the association of Muroran curry ramen.
Hokkaido is already a popular place to enjoy ramen since there are three well-known ramens: miso ramen in Sapporo, salt ramen in Hakodate and soy sauce ramen in Asahikawa. Curry ramen became one of the ramens which represent a ramen paradise, Hokkaido.
The most important feature of Muroran curry ramen is soup. It contains curry paste and tonkotsu, a pork bone broth. The curry paste is made of fruits, vegetables and spices and customised to match ramen. A little bit thick soup coats noodles well so when you have them, a strong curry flavour spreads in your mouth.
Muroran curry ramen also contains thick and wavy noodles which are made by the flour produced in Hokkaido. Common toppings are grilled pork, seaweed and bean sprouts.
Since both curry and ramen are so popular in Japan, people of all ages love this ramen.

The History of Muroran Curry Ramen

“Aji-no-daio Muroran-honten” is the origin place of Muroran curry ramen. They started serving it in 1974 so this ramen has over 45 years history. In 1999, a well-known pop star who is from Muroran introduced it on a TV show; therefore, it became popular especially among the fans of her. In 2006, Muroran city established the association of Muroran curry ramen and started advertising it all over Japan. They also collaborate with huge food companies and made instant curry ramen.

The Notable Tourist Spot, Muroran

Muroran is in the southwest part of Hokkaido. It has been flourishing as an important port town to connect the mainland of Japan and Hokkaido. Nowadays, it is also one of the huge industrial regions.

Muroran is recognised not only for the manufacturing industry but also for beautiful nature. It became the first place of the best 100 beautiful nature spots in Hokkaido and the first place of the best 100 picturesque sceneries in Hokkaido.
The most important thing is that Muroran is No.1 place to have curry ramen. There are more fifty ramen restaurants, and 60% of them serve curry ramen. Aji-no-daio Muroran-honten, the origin place of Muroran curry ramen, is the most popular restaurant that can have people waiting in line.

Each restaurant serves their special curry ramen so the flavour and ingredients of it are different in each of them. However, its price is generally reasonable. This is one of the reasons many people love this ramen. When you visit Muroran, enjoy both beautiful scenery and tasty Muroran Curry ramen.

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