“Saitama’s” Stamina Ramen

Ramen is so popular in Japan that you can buy various kinds of instant ramen at any supermarkets. On top of that, the Ramen Museum in Yokohama is a well-known tourist spot.
Since many people love ramen like that, it has been localised to advertise local specialities or attract customers and tourist. As a result, there are so many local ramens in Japan. Popular ones are, for example, Sapporo ramen and Hakata ramen. Also, a lot of unknown ramens are being generated. Stamina ramen in Saitama prefecture is such a dish; however, it is the one you should definitely try.

The Combination of Mapo Tofu and Ramen?

Mapo Tofu

The appearance of stamina ramen is a little bit unique since the soup is thickened with starch, so it coats noodles well. Its base is soy sauce, and it also contains chilli bean sauce which causes tasty spiciness. You can have them in one bite, and that gives you the utterly delicious flavour. Stamina ramen is like the fusion of Chinese mapo tofu and Japanese soy sauce ramen. The common ingredients are minced pork, Chinese chive, onion, garlic and ginger. Especially, mince pork makes this ramen more mopo-tofu-ish.
By the way, there are some dishes derived from stamina ramen. For example, sta-curry (stamina curry) is one of the popular dishes. The thick soup is poured on rice like Japanese curry rice. That is why it is called “curry” even though it does not contain any curry. There is also fried rice topped with the thick soup. The combination of the spicy soup and fried rice is too amazing to stop eating. Stamina hiyayakko would be nice when you want to have a relatively light side dish. It is cold tofu topped with the soup. This soup is amazingly all-purpose.

Stamina Hiyayakko

Find Manman-tei and Nyannyan in Saitama

Stamina ramen is served at Manman-tei (漫々亭) and Nyannyan (娘娘 or 娘々) which are Chinese restaurants in Saitama prefecture that any genuine fan would know.
Stamina ramen seems to be originated at Manman-tei which was near to the west gate of Omiya station but unfortunately is now closed. On the other hand, it is also said the place of origin is Nyannyan in Kita Urawa. Anyway, it became popular after a TV programme introduced it.
Nowadays, several restaurants become independent from Manman-tei and Nyannyan. They are eight restaurants in Saitama prefecture whose names are either Manman-tei or Nyannyan. You can have stamina ramen at all of them. Since they are independent not chain, the taste of stamina ramen is a little bit different from each of them.

Saitama’s Soul Food: Stamina Ramen

Kitaurawa Park

Stamina ramen is popular, especially among men. Students who live or go to school near Manman-tei or Nyannyan love this ramen as it is filling, thanks to the ingredients and think soup, which is sure to make you feel energetic after you have it. Also, its price is reasonable. If you go to Saitama, please also go to the restaurants mentioned above and try Saitama’s soul food.

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